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Yo ho ho!

It's talk like a pirate day! Try your best pirate talk in the talk about it.

Arrgust screenshot winners.

1st Place: Quiet Keena Davis aka keela

Hashtags use: #Pirate101 #summerhot #Arrrgust #naturebeauty #yumyum

2nd Place: Dylan aka brojo300

Hashtags used: #Chill #Homeland #Views #Beautiful #Gorgeous #Pirate101 #Exotic

3rd Place: Lucky Jack Ivy aka-nouimette25
Hashtags used:#Summer #Yum-N-Ade #Pirate101 #IceColdYum-N-Ade

Congrats winners and thank you to everyone who entered!

Last Edited on: 2016-09-6 at 09:48 am
August Random Drawing

Congrats to yaryna on winning the crown prize last month.

Enter for September above, good luck all!

No we didn't forget! Check out the contests page to see how you can win crowns or a bundle in celebration of Arrgust.
A Pirate's Tale winners

Thank you to those who entered!

First place, 5000 Crowns ybco124

Second Place, Victoria Class Anchor ssouvik1312

Last Edited on: 2016-08-8 at 06:56 am
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